Boring Meetings

Boring Meetings – How to have Fun at Work – Superchick Life Show

On today’s Superchick Life Show and Tea Time with Tania, she goes over some really cook ways to have fun at work. Life should not be BORING! Enjoy: Share to Spread the LOVE:

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Comfort Zone Alert

Comfort Zone Alert – Superchick Life Show

On this episode of Tea Time with Tania, she talks about the ever so safe but risky Comfort Zone and how you can begin to see stepping out of it differently. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Neale Donald Walsch Share to Spread the LOVE:

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Have you lost your JOY? 3 Steps to help you find it.

What happened to all the dreams I had?   WOW, I just finished watching the movie JOY and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend renting it and watching it.  It is based on the real life story of Joy Mangano, who is a  self-made millionaire.  She was played by Jennifer Lawrence, in…

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ASMR – Opening and Drinking Cans of La Croix Sparkling Water

Enjoy this relaxing ASMR video.  For more fun videos subscribe to our channel below. Share to Spread the LOVE:

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poverty mindset

Overcoming a Poverty Mindset with The Boomerang Effect

That darn poverty mindset. It’s like a weed that just keeps growing back. My initial encounter with true poverty was when first traveled to Brazil years ago. Before that, I had never really seen what a hard life looked like. Sure at times many of us who were lucky enough to be born in the…

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Old School Thinking will not get you far in today’s business world!

People and society are evolving. We have information at our fingertips and abilities to run multi-million dollar companies from a laptop or a smart phone. Old School Thinking will not get you far in today’s business world! If you have the chance to spend 25+ years in Corporate America like me, you will see a…

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you are at the beach walking through the waves crashing on the shore? How about how amazing it feels to visit a waterfall? Have you ever heard about negative ions? Okay okay, I’ll get to the point. One of the reasons people feel so good when…

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Rock Climbing

I went rock climbing for the first time & quit my JOB the next day!

I went rock climbing for the first time and quit my JOB the next day. It is true, the title really tells the whole story. Let me take you back to the year 2000, way back haha. I was in the middle of a divorce and was not happy at work anymore. You could say…

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The Top Ten quotes from Yoda that changed our lives

Star wars. The magic is alive again. One of the all time best things about the saga, are the truths that come from Master Yoda. While these are self-explanatory,  we added a few words to each of our Top Ten quotes from Yoda, that changed our lives. 1. “Do or do not, there is no…

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Teddy bear this one

How Some Silly Gifts and a Teddy Bear made all the difference in the World!

  My father died over thirteen years ago from a Big Heart.  He was an amazing man and raised a large family of five kids alongside my mom.  I learned so much from him and miss him daily.  He didn’t die suddenly, this was a long drawn out process and a very painful one for…

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